Hans Waterman (1949) drummer.

Hans Waterman started to play drums at the age of 15. In 1965 he joined the legendary Dutch R&B group Cuby and The Blizzards. This band shared session credits with a.o. Van Morisson, John Mayall, Eddy Boyd and Alexis Korner. Today this group has become truly legendary in The Netherlands.

After the Blizzards Waterman joined Solution, during the seventies a leading symphonic rockband. Most significant in this band's 15 years' history was the period that they were contracted by Elton John's Rocket Records label. They were produced by Elton's producer - the late Gus Dudgeon. Their farewell was marked by a last studio-album, produced by and performed with former Traffic drummer Jim Capaldi. In 1983 the final 'Live-Highlights' album was the last recording of Solution.


From 1983 till 1986 Hans Waterman was a stimulating force with the world renowned guitarist Jan Akkerman and also did a lot of session work with artists such as Peter Schneider, The House Band, JP den Tex, Whitesnake's Ad van den Berg, Innersleeve, Ronald Abrams, Herman Brood'sWild Romance, Link Wray, Kaz Lux, Woody and the Sidemen, Cindy Peress, Jan Rijbroek's The Loner and Narrow Escape. A highlight in this period was the duo performance with American blues&boogie piano player Al Copley, a former member of the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Roomful of Blues. In 1992 he played all the major venues in Holland with Amsterdam School supporting Crowded House. Waterman was also a member of The Pretty Things. In this historic line-up he performed with original singer Phil May and Rolling Stones co-founder Dick Taylor. After this group had toured Europe extensively for eight years, he decided to quit the band in August 1994; wanting to work independently in order to realize a solo project.

In the summer of 1994 Hans finished a special course at the Rotterdam School of Music which officially certified him to lead workshops and work as a band-coach. In 2000 he was asked for the reunion of the Dutch sixties band Q65 but this project had to be cancelled due to the sudden death of lead singer Wim Bieler.

Besides drumming Waterman started writing in the late 1980's. From 1995 until 2007 he worked as drum-editor for the Dutch magazine Music Maker and became a freelance copywriter starting the business under the name of 'rhythm&writing.' In 2001 he wrote a book about his 35 years behind the drums and the wild ‘life on the road.’ This book was published in The Netherlands and received great reviews. Of course he is still very much into drumming and is in great demand these days as a freelance drummer. He plays with his very first inspiration - the nostalgic Dutch guitar band René and the Alligators and returned to his blues roots with The Freeride Band and - starting 2009 - the very exciting Left Hand Freddy.

Projects for 2010/2011: a theatre tour called ‘Blues&Stories’ with Left Hand Freddy. In 2010/2011 HW will replace the drummer of Brainbox, a legendary rockband in Holland in the 70’s.

Amsterdam Februari 2011

The book is titled: 'Drumsolo - 35 jaar te laat naar bed.' (Drumsolo – 35 years too late to bed).
Published by LJ Veen ISBN 90 204 0082 7

The book is sold out, but will be available through this website soon.